Public Mysql Instance

Like the main Ensembl project, we now have a public MySQL instance containing copies of the databases which sit behind both and

Server User Password Port anonymous - 4272

These databases can be accessed using the Ensembl API. We provide tarballs of the required APIs and the registry files which allow connection to the databases on our ftp site here. You can also get the code directly from Ensembl via CVS.

Currently this instance on two different schemas.

Database name Ensembl Schema Assembly Release
homo_sapiens_%_60_36p 60 NCBI36 Pilot
homo_sapiens_%_73_37 73 GRCh37 Phase 1 Integrated Variant set

If you have any questions about 1000 genomes data please email For questions about the Ensembl api and databases you can also email the Ensembl dev mailing list

The ftp directory also contains schema dumps for the databases in case you wish to setup your own instance of the Ensembl database